Based in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia – mobiLIFE was started as a joint venture to take ideas & concepts from the University of Newcastle into the medical device industry. Since inception in 2002 – the company has grown in strength – and now boasts an exciting track record, and an exceptional team of individuals with a background of delivering results in the medical device sector!

is delivering solutions and improving patient care… through healthy innovation!

philosophy is to target leaders within their field – ensuring every team member within the company delivers skills, contacts, ideas and resources – with the aim of improving patient healthcare through innovation. i.e. healthy innovation.

The company has an excellent array of resources available to help solve medical industry and patient needs, including:

  • The knowledge base of the Newcastle University – with our own engineering team based inside the physics/organic polymer research department.
  • A 50+ strong team of commercially astute design and engineering project staff – based in Sydney, Chicago and in China (with associated manufacturing facilities).
  • The oversight of the Logikal Health manufacturing group.